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About us

About us

Our Approach

As an expert and professional manufacturer in India of auto alternators, starters and their components for the aftermarket, Vegas Auto Electric has been proudly serving our customers for over 13 years.

Our products are widely accepted by cars, trucks, buses, and others, with currently different alternators Regulators, Rectifier plate and starters. We aim to consistently produce and deliver high-Quality Goods Vegas Products represent the state of art of technology. In order to achieve this aim, the quality concept is uppermost in the product planning, development & Manufacturing Departments. We have tried and tested technology. To execute quality control, our products are 100% tested. Under the strict standard of processing to ensure products quality meeting our customer’s requirement and satisfaction.

Based on the professional and experienced manufacturing team and service team, Vegas Auto Electric can provide high-quality products, competitive prices and good service for our customers. Our company is certified with ISO 9001:2015 specify the requirement of the quality management system.

Over 13 years of experience in this market sector, we specialize in alternator regulators for the automotive industry, manufacturing items.

Such as:

  • Alternator Regulator
  • Alternator Rectifier
  • Alternator Electronic Flasher
  • Alternator Brush Holders
  • Alternator Heat sink
  • Alternator Testers
  • Heater Timer
  • Horn Tuner
  • Mini Relays
  • Relays